Coherence  Training

at The Coherence Training Institute, Inc.

Beginning in early 2021, The Coherence Training Institute will provide workplace training  in the WholeBody Coherence Program. The Program teaches an organization’s employees how to create coherence in the mind and body for health and high performance. 

The Program involves some or all of these components, depending on the organization’s preference:


  • Determination of body type and disorders to determine the foods to favor and foods to avoid for improved health for the individual.
  • Guidelines for proper digestion (some symptoms of improper diet and digestion are gas, bloating, loose stool, constipation, abdominal pain, or acidity). 
  • Determination of immune system strength—and diet and other recommendations for strengthening  the immune system.
  • Optional instruction in  the Transcendental Meditation® technique.
  • Confidential brain wave analysis (for meditators) to determine the degree of brain coherence prior to starting the Program, and follow up analysis to measure increased coherence levels.
  • Beginning instruction in Yoga postures, exercise routines, and breathing exercises tailored to the individual’s body type and age.

Interested organizations should specify the name of the organization and number of employees that may be involved, and contact

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